Obtaining Commitment


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Course overview

Commitment. It’s a scary word! It usually signifies something big is about to happen. Whether it’s getting married, or making commitments to your family, or your job; whichever way you look at it, commitment takes work.

That’s why, in sales, getting commitment from prospects is a delicate business, and something that needs to occur continuously throughout the selling process. And until you get them to commit, you don’t really have a deal. Approaching commitment from prospects correctly will not only strengthen your pitch, but will also help strengthen your future relationship with them, as it affirms your desire to get things right for them. So, when it comes to getting them to say “I do,” you need to know what you’re doing.

What's covered

How to identify the points in the sales process where commitment is needed

How to use strategies and techniques to ask for commitment from prospects

How to use commitment in stages to help identify problem

Obtaining Commitment online training course

Why your teams need this course

Statistics from sales experts at The Sales Board show that up to 64% of salespeople fail to ask for commitment from prospects. So, whether you’re new or a seasoned sales professional, brushing up on these skills could give your pitch an extra boost. This course will show you why and where commitment is necessary. It will also teach you techniques to help gain commitment from prospects and show you how to use commitment throughout sales as a tool to spot problems.